Nugget Wranglers
Quartzsite, Arizona

Well as always a good time was had all.  Made short work of the chili dogs and fruit and cookies.  Next meeting will be second Sat. of November. Pot luck so bring cans for it. We donated all of the cans left to a good cause so we are starting over.

Tried dousing again. found all of the targets.  Flags not all that close so you will all have to pratice up for the next time we try. Gave several nuggets as prizes.  Another thing we have to pratice on is fast panning  only had two get all the nuggeets  I had to bring tub home to salvage the lost nuggets, still a lot of fun brought a lot  of panners back to reality on their speed.    
Well  by now all should be home and shouvleing snow.Hope your trip was just fun and no troubles and looking forward to seeing you all this fall ,have a great and fun summer  until fall.
I am getting the quit claim deeds ready to send to BLM to tranfer the claims to the club will get them in the mail next week. 
The girls as usual done a great job on lunch .  We are so lucky , we were smart enough to keep them around don't know what we would do without them.  Be sure to give your signifacant other a hug and a thank you for all of us. 
Be careful as you wander around the hills , don't think have have to worry about snakes unless we have some really warm days.   Well we had the warm days and the rattlers are out so keep your eyes open and don't climb up the rocks and peak over the top  !!! Could meet one of those fellers up close and personal.

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