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The BLM has plans, for our public lands!!


    There are many organizations out there fighting to keep public lands open for all of us. They are all a little bit different from each other.  Which is good, sometimes it is better to fight for our land access from 3 different approaches instead of one. But they all have one problem, they need your support. So much land has already been closed to the public, and more will be closed unless we voice our opinion. If you like to Hunt, Fish, 4x4, ATV, Rock Hunt, Prospect, Camp, Photograph or just explore our great lands please take a minute to check them out.  Because future generations won’t be able to enjoy our great outdoors unless we fight to keep it open. This is our public land.

Public Land for the People (

We assist in PROTECTING YOUR RIGHTS to access YOUR PUBLIC LAND and PREVENT AGENCY ABUSE. PLP has a NO COMPROMISE philosophy regarding your rights. The Public Lands For The People was constructed for the purpose of allowing individuals and representatives from various groups to join forces to help maintain the laws and rights of all Citizens on Public and Private lands. (Federal, State and City)


Blue Ribbon Coalition (

Our mission is in preserving our natural resources FOR the public, instead of FROM the public. We’ve united to defend access for Motorized recreation nation wide. We care about what’s happening in your backyard. Your right to enjoy your sport. Don’t be locked out.  Our sports are under attack. Places we have enjoyed in the past are now closed. More closures are planned. We ride safely. We are courteous toward other users. We care about conservation.  As volunteers, we spend many hours improving trails and recreation facilities. We hold ourselves to a high standard and urge others to do likewise.  Yet environmental extremists continue their attacks. With emotional hysteria, they threaten our sports, our jobs and homes. They work to lock up public land - land that belongs to everyone. They assault our rights and liberties. There is a solution. You can help stop this onslaught of closures and unreasonable restrictions. The Blue Ribbon Coalition fights this lock-up of public lands and recreation areas. Members of the Blue Ribbon Coalition recreationists, ranchers, loggers, miners, and small communities - have joined together to fight the attacks on our sports and responsible use of resources.

American Sand Association (

ASA is dedicated to preserving the right to ride while preserving the environment. Unite, Inform and Mobilize. The ASA is a non profit organization managed and promoted by an all volunteer army. The continued success of the American Sand Association depends heavily on continued monetary support from its members and the surrounding community.


    The California Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) is a varied group of outdoor recreationists who are extremely active in promoting the positive aspects of vehicular access on public lands and protecting that right. The group is composed of the owners of "Green Sticker" vehicles such as ATV's, motorcycles, 3-wheelers, trail bikes, and dune buggies, as well as "street legal" 4X4 vehicles, dual sport-motorcycles, bajas, and desert racers. CORVA's main purpose is to work with the land managers for responsible off-highway vehicular access and recreation opportunities. Secondarily, we educate our membership on the constantly changing rules and regulations and promote clean-up and trail maintenance projects.  We are very active in the political arena and contribute to a lobbyist in Sacramento. We work closely with the State Department of Parks and Recreation, providing input to the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Program from the user's standpoint. We provide a valuable resource to land managers in the form of dedicated OHV enthusiasts who believe in responsible vehicular access.  A portion of the budgets for California's national forests and the public lands administered by the BLM is funded by grants from the Green Sticker Program. We work with land managers to formulate the grants and give our input about the grants to the OHMVR Program which administers them. We also review how effectively our Green Sticker money was used in each program. We are active at all levels of the land management public process with both the BLM and the USFS. We do this by commenting on environmental documents on as many issues as possible and maintaining close relationships with personnel in the field as well as the staff. We coordinate with other multiple use organizations ranging from snowmobiles to horse enthusiasts to protect multiple use rights from the environmental extremists. We are "dedicated to protecting our lands for the people, not from the people."
If you would like to join the fight to protect our public lands for multiple-use recreation, fill in a membership application and send it in!


Equal Access To Justice (E.A.J.)

BlueRibbon Coalition


Friends of the Rubicon

Off Road Business Association

California Association of 4x4 Clubs

Duners Undoing Needless
Environmental Restrictions

California League of Off Road Voters

American Sand Association

Tread Lightly!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations

Friends of Sand Mountain

Colorado OHV Coalition

Friends of Dumont Dunes

Friends of Oceano Dunes

National Off-Highway
Vehicle Conservation Council

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access

San Diego Off Road Coalition

Coalition of Off Road Desert Racers

Utah Shared Access Alliance

Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association

American Motorcyclist Association

All Terrain Vehicle Association

Action Program

Northwest Motorcycle Association

East Coast Four Wheel Drive Association

Illinois Four Wheel Drive Association

Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association

Washington State 
Snowmobile Association

American Council of 
Snowmobile Associations

California Eduro Riders Association

Northeast Association of
4WD Clubs, Inc.

Snowmobile Alliance of Western States

Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association -

Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Association -

Crowley Offroad


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