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Quartzsite, Arizona
The following links are some of the favorites of the members of our chapter that have been found to be very informative and educational in the prospecting field.

Free Monthly newsletter of insight and analysis of precious metals.

City of Blythe - Community Directory for the Palo Verde Valley.

Blythe's own museum featuring local historical artifacts, photos, maps and more

Phoenix Chapter Of The GPAA

The California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

Gold Prospecting equipment and resources

Gold Prospecting equipment and resources

Now Mike Higbee's prospecting forum and links

Check on that claim you want.

Arial photography of entire USA at 1 meter resolution. Map will open centered on Blythe

Some excellent mapping software for the professionals as well as beginners

An informative magazine and web site on prospecting and mining

United States Geological Society Government reference site

Public Lands For The People

Public Lands For The People fight for our land rights and are 100% pro gold mining

Another organization that fights for miners rights, they have a great chat forum

Uniting outdoor enthusiasts for a common goal, and educating the public to small scale mining

    We offer historic maps from early as the 16th century, categories including, but not limited to: specialty county land ownership maps, State, civil war battle maps, topo map, confederate railroad, slave underground railroad, mining and early exploration, old gold mine, nautical coastal sea charts, plat real estate property, early pioneers, old west, wagon trails, township surveys and old city maps.

Treasure Quest | Metal Detecting

Online treasure hunting community, metal detecting forums, auctions, guides, directories and more.


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